Learn How to Sell Solar Virtually From Home in Your Pajams
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James Ramos, BPI
Founder of Solar YOUniversity 
James is happily married to his beautiful wife with 8 amazing children. He's been in the energy industry for the past 9 years, during which time he co-founded an energy consulting company in California where he helped local utilities and government develop and improve their energy upgrade rebate programs. 

James also worked directly in Corporate sales with the largest solar company in the nation. Through his strong social media following he continues to educate thousands of homeowners about their solar & renewable energy options. James is also a solar sales and marketing coach. He coaches his students on how to increase their sales conversion by proven sales methodology & psychology. He also helps his students to position themselves as a solar expert to build the know, like & trust factor that significantly increases their street cred..  

James' mission through his coaching, is to help as many people close more deals so they can live a life of their dreams.
What you'll learn in the training...
  The Foundation to Success
  Mindset & Goal Setting Introduction
  Your "WHY" Should Make You Cry
  Your 6 Month Vision
  Your Letter of Commitment
  Setting Your Goals
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  Learn how to close solar deals from home
  Get my proven, high converting sales script that I use to close 40%+ of my leads
  Get step by step video instruction on how to close solar deals to be your competition
  The 4 Pillars to Solar Sales Mastery
  The Four Phases of Being a High Closer
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  What are the Solar Rebates & Incentives
  What is a True Up
  What is Net Metering (NEM)
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  Why you need to build rapport
  How to build rapport before your consultation
  How to build rapport outside the house
  How to build rapport inside the house
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  Your Credibility & why a homeowner should listen to you. 
  Stories sell. We will teach you how to tell your Story
  Your Company's Credibility
  Emotional Anchor
  Getting The Buy In
  Discovery Stage
  Listen & the will tell you what they want
  Finding Out How Much They Know About Solar
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  How to read the electric bill
  Identifying the PROBLEM
  Providing the SOLUTION
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  How to get the FINAL BUY IN before asking for the sale
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  Going Over The Proposal & solar design with the homeowner
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  We will go over all the possible solar objections that you will get and we will teach you how to answer all of them with confidence
  Daily roll playing to practice your sales presentation
  No need to apply for a job.. After completing the training, you will get instant access to our proprietary platform and you can start selling deals though out the nation
  You'll have a solar company in the palm of your hands. Get access to over 100 solar installers through out the nation
  How to use our platform so you can start submitting leads in your sales platform
  Proposal Software - Create a cutting edge solar proposal in minutes using our network of solar installers though out the country
  Pre-approve your homeowner for solar on the spot using our preffered lenders
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Ends In: 
  I will personally close your first 3 deals to guarantee your highest chance of closing the deals
  Four 30-minute personal coaching/accountabily calls
  Plug into our Facebook group of high closers to get motivated and to continue your education
Some Of Our Results...
Do I get instant access to the sales training as soon as I register
Yes, you will get instant access to all of the video sales training that you can access 24/7
Do you connect me with solar installation companies?
Yes, we can connect you with our network of installers if you're NOT currently working with another solar company.  
Will  you teach me how to sell remotely
Yes. You can use our sales strategies online or a face to face meeting
Do I need sale experience to get started
No, I'm going to personally close your first 3 deals for you to guarantee your success
How much is the average commission per deal
It depends. you can make up to $2000-$8000+ per sale depending on the size of the system.
How long does it take to complete the online training
You can complete the entire training in less than 7 days 
What if I have more questions, can I get live training. 
Yes, you can upgrade to our LIVE daily role playing  training
Is there a money back guarantee
Yes, if you do ALL of the work in the training and you get no results within 180 days, we will refund your money no questions ask. BUT, you have to do all the work to get the refund. 
Get Instant Access to My Proven Step by Step Sales Presentation on How to Close ALL Your Solar Deals Online
Start Selling Solar Like a PRO TODAY!
Get Instant Access to The Best Solar Sales Pitch in The Industry!
VIDEO Sales Training - solar youniversity
What You'll Get...
One time payment
  • Two 30 minute one on one personal coaching sessions
  • Get Instant Access to Our Video Sales Training 
  • Learn My Personal Sales Pitch on How to Close Solar Deal From Start to Finish
  • Mindset & Goal Setting
  • Learn Federal, State & Local Incentives
  • Learn How to Build Rapport to Close More Deals
  • Learn How to Build Emotional Anchors - What would they do with the money they save?
  • Learn how to read the electric bill
  • Learn How to Present The Solar Proposal
  • Get Instant Access to Our Team's Facebook Group to Stay Connected
  • Get Access to Over 100 Solar Installers From All Over The Nation With Low Redlines
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